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Fistula-in-ano/piles/fissure specialist

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WELCOME TO SITE OF FISTULA-IN-ANO BY KSHAR-SUTRA METHOD OF THERAPY OF AYURVEDA BY Dr. S. R. GUPTA OF VARANASI(INDIA) of fistula-in-ano by Kshar-sutra method with nil recurrence rate of deseaseDr. S. R. GUPTA has worked as a Research Associate in the Kshar-sutra Project at Institute Of Medical Sciences , Banaras Hindu University , varanasi(india).He appointed in 1983 in this research work for treatment of fistula-in-ano under Late Pro. P. J. Deshpande.During 10 years of research work,there is nil recurrence rate of disease.Dr. S. R. Gupta has also standarised the Kshar-sutra at Central Drug Research Institute ,Lucknow(India)

Dr. S. R. gupta
k 57/18 A , Navapura


Last updated:16 May 2004